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Rugby Scoring Attempt Crossword Clue (Answered)

In a crossword puzzles, the clue “Rugby scoring attempt” is often answered with “try.” There are other ways to score in rugby, but this is the most common answer to a crossword clue. It’s also the only three-letter scoring method, so if there are three spaces, then “try” is definitely your answer.

What is a try?

A “try” is a term used in rugby union and rugby league to describe a scoring play where a player touches the ball down behind the opponent’s goal line. It is similar to a touchdown in American football.

In rugby union, a try is worth 5 points and is the primary way of scoring points. After a try is scored, the scoring team has the opportunity to kick for an additional 2 points by converting the try. The conversion attempt is taken from a spot in line with where the ball was touched down for the try.

Where did the name come from?

The term “try” is believed to have originated in the early days of rugby football when scoring a goal required the ball to be carried over the opponent’s goal line and touched down. Players were said to be trying to score a goal.

“Try” as a common crossword answer

The word “try” is short and fits into many crossword puzzles, which is why clues like “rugby scoring attempt” are often used. You may see variations of the clue, but the answer is usually the same.

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