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All About the Rugby Field…Or is it a Pitch?

Rules on the dimensions of a rugby pitch (also known as a rugby field) in Rugby Union are relatively straight-forward. The World Rugby Governing body want the game to be as accessible as possible for many fans to be able to enjoy the game. Here, we’ll go over the

The Basic Rugby Rules

Ireland Rugby

Trying to follow Rugby, but don’t get the rules? Don’t worry, we've got you covered. Take the time to learn the rugby rules (also called laws) and you'll find the game is much more enjoyable to watch. The below rules apply to Rugby Union, unless otherwise specified. 1.

What can rugby teach us about life?

Azmir Zed, a Malaysian rugby player, shares his rugby journey and gives six life lessons that can be learned through rugby. The video below is worth the watch, but if you're short on time, scroll down to see a summary of the six lessons. Six life lessons learned

Rugby vs Football – The Key Differences Explained

There is an ongoing debate between two great sports - rugby vs football. Which is better? Tougher? Cooler? All good questions.  We’re going to focus much more on the differences between the two so that you can form your own opinion on the questions above. I have played both these sports and I love

What the Ruck? The Rugby Ruck Explained

A ruck is a phase of play within rugby where one or more players from each team are in physical contact close around the ball on the ground. A ruck is formed after the ball carrier is taken to the ground. Having made the tackle, the tackler must immediately release the

What is a Scrum? The Rugby Rookie’s Guide

A scrum is a method of restarting the play and is awarded following numerous actions within the match. A scrum is similar to the line of scrimmage in American Football in that there are two sets of designated players attempting to drive each other back. In rugby the scrum is

What is a Rugby Lineout?

A rugby lineout is a method of restarting play when the ball goes into touch (out of bounds). When the ball crosses the side-line (or touch line) a lineout is awarded to the team whom did not touch the ball last. An exception to this is when the ball

Rugby Positions Explained

Rugby Position Post Image

The positions in Rugby Union are split up into two main groups. Forwards and backs, forwards are numbered 1-8, do most of the dirty work and make up what’s called a scrum. The backs however are numbered 9-15 and stay out wide making darting runs around the park, the backs