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How Does Scoring Work in Rugby?

In rugby, there are several ways for a team to score points. The most common ways to score are through tries, conversions, penalty kicks, and drop goals. Ways to score in rugby Here are the four ways to score in Rugby Union matches. Tries - 5 points A try is scored when a player

What is a Conversion Kick in Rugby?

Have you heard people use the term 'conversion' when talking about rugby? If you're not sure what that is, we'll help explain. Today we'll discuss what a conversion is, how to maximize your chances of successful conversions, and how they compare to extra points in football. What is a conversion kick

Rugby Offside Explained

You may have hear the term 'offside' in rugby (and other sports), but aren't sure how it works. We've got you covered. Today we'll explain the offside rule in rugby, answer some common question, and also talk about how it compares to offside in other sports, like soccer. What is offside

Rugby Field Basics

Rules on the dimensions of a rugby field (also known as a rugby pitch) are relatively straight-forward. The World Rugby governing body wants the game to be as accessible as possible for the many fans enjoying the game. Here, we’ll go over the rugby field dimensions and the different lines

Rugby vs Football – The Key Differences Explained

There is an ongoing debate between two great sports - rugby vs American football. Which is better? Tougher? Cooler? We'll focus on the differences between the two so that you can form your own opinion on the questions above. I have played both these sports and I love watching and playing them equally.

Common Rugby Terms

New to rugby and still learning the terms? Here's our list of the most commonly used rugby terms. Rugby Terms Conversion: a kick taken after a try is scored to convert it into a goal. Drop goal: a type of scoring in which a player kicks the ball over the crossbar and between

What is a Rugby Breakdown?

You may have heard the term "breakdown" when watching or talking about rugby. We'll explain exactly when that means in this article. Plus we'll explain the rules and share some drills to increase your breakdown success rate. Rugby Breakdown Definition In rugby, a breakdown occurs when one or more players from opposing

The Basic Rugby Rules

Ireland Rugby

Trying to follow Rugby, but don’t get the rules? Don’t worry, we've got you covered. Take the time to learn the rugby rules (also called laws) and you'll find the game is much more enjoyable to watch. The below rules apply to Rugby Union, unless otherwise specified. 1.

What can rugby teach us about life?

Azmir Zed, a Malaysian rugby player, shares his rugby journey and gives six life lessons that can be learned through rugby. The video below is worth the watch, but if you're short on time, scroll down to see a summary of the six lessons. Six life lessons learned

The Rugby Ruck Explained

Wondering what the term 'rick' means? We'll explain exactly what it means, and go over the main rugby ruck rules. What is a Ruck? A ruck is a phase of play within rugby where one or more players from each team are in physical contact close around the ball on the ground. A