Best Rugby Balls (updated for 2023)

The Best Rugby Balls

We picked the best, so you don't get stuck with the rest! With so many rugby balls on the market, it can be difficult to sort through the all the options. To save you the time and frustration, we tested dozens of balls and picked out only the best. Let's first

The Origins of Rugby

In a few weeks time the captain of the winning World Cup team will hold aloft the William Webb Ellis Cup. It was named as such in 1986 by John Kendall-Carpenter, the Chairman of the World Cup organizing committee for the first ever Rugby World Cup finals held in 1987. The

How Does Scoring Work in Rugby?

In rugby, there are several ways for a team to score points. The most common ways to score are through tries, conversions, penalty kicks, and drop goals. Ways to score in rugby Here are the four ways to score in Rugby Union matches. Tries - 5 points A try is scored when a player

Rugby Scoring Attempt Crossword Clue (Answered)

In a crossword puzzles, the clue "Rugby scoring attempt" is often answered with "try." There are other ways to score in rugby, but this is the most common answer to a crossword clue. It's also the only three-letter scoring method, so if there are three spaces, then "try" is

Rugby Positions Explained

Rugby Equipment

If you're new to rugby, you may be wondering what the different positions are, and what each of those positions is responsible for. We got you covered. This article will list all the rugby position and explain what each one does. Plus we'll talk about the hardest position and list

What is the hardest position in rugby?

Rugby is a physically demanding sport that requires strength, speed, agility, and endurance. Every position on the field requires a unique set of skills and attributes, but some positions are widely considered to be more challenging than others. In this article, we will explore the question of what is the

The Rugby Hooker Explained

If you've been around rugby, you've probably heard the term 'hooker' talked about. If you want to learn more about what a hooker in rugby is, then you came to the right place. We'll talk about what a hooker is (it's a position), what their role is, and name some

What is a Conversion Kick in Rugby?

Have you heard people use the term 'conversion' when talking about rugby? If you're not sure what that is, we'll help explain. Today we'll discuss what a conversion is, how to maximize your chances of successful conversions, and how they compare to extra points in football. What is a conversion kick

Rugby Offside Explained

You may have hear the term 'offside' in rugby (and other sports), but aren't sure how it works. We've got you covered. Today we'll explain the offside rule in rugby, answer some common question, and also talk about how it compares to offside in other sports, like soccer. What is offside

Rugby Field Basics

Rules on the dimensions of a rugby field (also known as a rugby pitch) are relatively straight-forward. The World Rugby governing body wants the game to be as accessible as possible for the many fans enjoying the game. Here, we’ll go over the rugby field dimensions and the different lines